Yummy recipies

Some recipies I like and prepare from time to time. I mainly use this to help my own bad memory, so when I want to prepare one of these dishes I know where to look. Feel free to try them, improve them, and then let me know how it turned out!

Savory (main dishes, sides)

Sweet (desserts, cookies and such)

  • Plätzchen (christmas cookies): Several recipies for delicious German christmas cookies.
  • Muffins and Cookies: Muffin and cookie recipies.
  • Nachtisch: Several very tasty desserts that will actually taste great anytime. Includes Dampfnudeln, a tasty Austrian dessert, and Rote Grütze.
  • Cakes: Recipies of various cakes, Torten and other baked goods.
  • Bread and Dough: Bread and dough recipes.