Christmas Trees

Parametric Python program to generate Christmas trees of various sizes to be cut and slotted together, with additional stars for decoration. The final assembled and painted trees look like shown on the right.

Below is the CAD drawing for the tree. The green parts are the trees (obviously), and the white star on the top is the base for the tree to stand in. The two large yellow stars are to be slotted together and sit on top of the tree. The small extra stars are for decoration of the tree.

DXF Files

The following pre-generated DXF files are for 3 mm thick material in various sizes.
You are free to use these designs under the CC BY-SA license.

Generate parametrically

You can also generate your own tree with your own settings for the height of the tree, thickness of the material, number of levels of the tree, and whether you want rouned or pointy corners, using this form: