Parametric Python program to generate boxes to be slotted together. These designs can be used to cut with a laser cutter. A cad drawing of the final assembled box (without lid) is shown below. The dimensions of the box are variable, and the top cover is optional. If the box is "topless", the top edge will be smooth and without notches.

There are two layouts of the pieces, the first one (below left) is to illustrate how the pieces fold up to form the final box, while the second layout (below right) tries to arrange the pieces more compactly to minimize material use. The compactness depends on the dimensions and pieces may have to be rearranged still for optimal results.


Generate parametrically

You can generate your own box with your own settings for the outer dimensions, thickness of the material, and width of the notches, using this form:

topless box
Layout 1 (as assembled)
Layout 2 (compact)