Here are some programs I have written or otherwise contributed to.

Asus Decoder

Asus Decoder is a tool to decode the encrypted router configuration backup files of Asus routers to plain text. There is a tool directly on the website that works without local installation as well as the source code which also allows to convert back the plain text configuration files to encoded form, ready to be loaded into the router.


pkg_rmleaves is a small tool to conveniently list installed programs that are not depended on by other programs in an easy to use GUI. It allows for simple deinstallation of such programs to facilitate cleaning up old programs that are not in use any more. It was originally developed by Timothy Redaelli and I updated it to work with the new pkgng package infrastructure of modern FreeBSD versions. I also maintain the FreeBSD port for this program.


Fugu is a Mac OS X SFTP file transfer client. It is not developed by me, but by the research systems unix group at the university of Michigan. As they seem to have abandoned the project, I only provide an updated build of the program which is compatible with newer versions of Mac OS X (tested with 10.5 and 10.6).
Update: it appears the compiled binaries provided at the project website are now also compatible with Intel only Mac OS X 10.5 and up.